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The New Year and the soon to be broken resolutions


I don’t usually bother with resolutions but my recent move has made me realise that I need to take firm action to reduce my stash and UFO’s! So here goes; I resolve to (well, OK, so I resolve to attempt to);

  • Finish most of the six pairs of socks currently on the needles before starting another project.
  • Complete at least one of the three pullovers on the needles before starting another project.
  • Use up at least a box worth of stash before buying more yarn.
  • Make a list of my needles so I don’t buy sizes I already have.
  • Stop procrastinating and get on with practicing the Continental method. I learnt ages ago but I’m still so much faster and neater with my old throw method that I keep finding excuses to revert to it instead of improving my continental stitch.
  • Either sew ends in as soon as I finish a project or work harder at finding projects with fewer ends!
  • Go through my Ravelry queue and actually knit some of the stuff in it!
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5 comments on “The New Year and the soon to be broken resolutions

  1. gmaellenscraftycorner
    December 29, 2012

    Great resolutions! Every year I resolve to never make resolutions. And that one I can keep. :D 6 pairs of socks? I am not brave enough to even try yet, being a relatively new knitter. (And, thanks for the ping-back)

    • oxknit
      December 29, 2012

      Thanks and you’re welcome. Give socks a go, they are not nearly as difficult as people make out.

      • gmaellenscraftycorner
        December 29, 2012

        I am getting that impression. A little bit more research and studying and I am ready, I think. :D

      • oxknit
        December 29, 2012

        Yell if you need help.

      • gmaellenscraftycorner
        December 29, 2012

        Thank you!!!!

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