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Crocodile Cushion Cover Free Cable Pattern

I’m much better with string and sticks than I am with computers, it’s taken me ages to get this file uploaded on here!

This pattern is designed and written for beginner knitters who find standard written patterns confusing. To follow the pattern you will need to know the basics of knitting and either have a basic understanding of cabling or the willingness to check on youtube for tutorials.

Cushion Cover for blog  Click the link for the PDF file. Feel free to ask me for help if you get stuck. I’ll be grateful for feedback too (good and bad). Also, to answer a question I’ve had already, the sample in the pictures is knitted in three colours to make it easier for you to see which section is which, you only need to use one colour throughout (although you can use as many as you like if you want to get fancy!)

Don’t forget to share your finished items on Ravelry!


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